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How to Pick the Right Printing Company

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Creating relationships with quality vendors is no easy task. In printing especially, it can be daunting to sort through hundreds of printing companies available, all who promise pristine prints in a short amount of time and for a decent price. But how do you weed through the competition to find the printing company right for your business? Do your research on the topics below before signing a contract.

History in the Business

Printing is a craft, one that takes time to fully develop. Printing companies with longevity have more experience, and with more experience comes more realistic timelines, budgets, and client expectations.

Range of Services

It’s simple to research what kind of services a printing company offers. Whether its business cards or Roll Up Banner stands it is definitely important to develop a relationship with a printing company, and it’s best to find one that does it all. This saves you the time and money of trying to find a new vendor for every unique service you need. A printer who can do large format, small format, customization, mailing, bindery, and who can print on a variation of substrates is more likely to suit your future needs, regardless of the project. You’ll find that some Houston Area Printers or Best Local Printers can offer you this variety, while others struggle to meet expectations.


While printing may be centuries old, the technology used is always changing. Is your current printing company keeping up with the curve? Are they investing in innovating presses and testing new techniques that will have a positive impact on speed, quality, and price for their clients?

Quality of Work

Delivery quality is important, but delivering consistent quality is even more important. Quality is especially important in printing because printing is permanent; touch ups or do-overs are virtually non-existent without a lead time or budget increase. Does the printing company frequently have errors in their work? Would you be proud to send their final product to your own client base? A printing company that delivers quality time and time again are the ones who take pride in their work and value their customers. Ask your printing company for samples of their projects to see the quality they produce firsthand.


In the printing industry, “how soon will it be ready?” is one of the most common questions heard by commercial printers. While timeliness is important, there are sacrifices that may come with a rushed job. Can your printing company complete the job on time and still maintain impeccable quality? Do they have on-demand emergency services for quick turnaround times? Do they have the proper equipment to do short run prints? Even when a project doesn’t need to be rushed, a printing company should still deliver results when they say they will.

Project Management and Communication

Each print job comes with its own unique characteristics and has details that need to be monitored and managed throughout the life of the job. The printing company should be responsive to your needs from start to finish and handle all inquiries, concerns, ideas, and communication in a timely and efficient manner.

Reputation of the Printing Company

Always check for reviews, referrals, or testimonials before pulling the trigger on a printing company. Consider items like their time in business, awards and accolades, involvement in the community, and relationships with other local businesses. If you are based in Australia, for example, g force printing services is Australia’s #1 printing company, so you might want to check them out first.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s no secret that printing uses a lot of paper. Many printers today take action to be environmentally friendly, including using recycled paper and paper from sustainable tree farms. It’s common practice for printers to take pride in the health of the environment. Even if the environment is not a priority for you, a printing company that puts little to no effort in conservation is likely slacking in other areas as well.

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