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Web-to-Print Solutions

The Highest Level of Efficiency in Print, Fulfillment & Distribution

When dealing with large campaigns, your company needs a web-to-print solution that works for you, and one that’s catered to your brand’s needs at every level. With Canfield & Tack’s collateral management system (CT Manager) managing your business collateral, print, fulfillment, and distribution have never been easier. This powerful and easy-to-use online system gives you the ability to control all aspects of the printing and distribution process.

CT Manager Online Features Include:

  • Quick and easy ordering and proofing
  • Ability to create and customize collateral
  • Distribution planning and tracking
  • Real-time inventory and usage reporting

Technology Matched to Your Needs

At Canfield & Tack, our “Blended Model” offers the best of offset and digital printing.

When ordering traditionally or online, we can seamlessly transition between printing technologies to utilize the most cost-effective process for your job.

We utilize on-demand digital and offset printing in conjunction with off-the-shelf pick-and-pack, virtual, and hard inventories to produce your collateral efficiently and on time.

Seek Out Efficiencies to Save Time & Money

CT Manager works by continually monitoring all aspects of your company’s print, fulfillment, and distribution requirements, and determining the best solution that yields the greatest efficiency. This revolutionary new approach to printing can save your company time, money, and materials, and will give it the flexibility to quickly change and deliver collateral, maximizing its effectiveness.

At Canfield & Tack, our integrated and comprehensive approach gives your company visibility into its print spending and allows your organization to control many aspects of the print procurement process. Ultimately, it can promote consistency within your company’s collateral, strengthening your brand. With print-on-demand capabilities, just-in-time distribution, and a powerful delivery management system, CT Manager has the ability to revolutionize how your company prints and manages its collateral.

CT Manager’s Easy-to-Use Online Tools:

  • Eliminate warehousing and logistics
  • Reduce labor hours and materials
  • Save time and money

Custom Web-to-Print Solutions

With Canfield & Tack, our team works with you to ensure your collateral management site is optimized to fit your every need. As your company grows and your needs change, your online storefront will adapt to fit the changing marketplace. We are constantly producing custom fulfillment solutions to connect stores and teams with the proper products and data needed to be efficient and successful.

Bring our team a printing challenge, and we’ll provide the solution. From beginning to end, Canfield & Tack handles your web-to-print services, providing top-quality print, fulfillment, and distribution.

To learn more about our web-to-print solutions nationwide, contact Canfield & Tack online or call our team at (585) 235-7710.

CT Manager

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