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Perhaps your business has grown beyond its own capabilities in terms of warehousing or order fulfillment. Maybe your business is newer, and you need the assistance of an experienced team. Or it might be that you simply want to hand off receiving, storage, and shipping to a trusted company that specializes in fulfillment services. Regardless of your reasons or goals, Canfield & Tack is the right choice. We are a full-service, experienced print management company providing warehousing, order fulfillment, and much more.

Fulfillment Services

 & Offerings

No two businesses are alike—products, storage needs, packaging, and goals differ. There are numerous aspects to how your business works, and each little piece of the picture influences how your fulfillment needs are best met. We offer an end-to-end fulfillment solution to our clients that is fully customized from the ground up. Our services focus on providing the speed and efficiency that your business needs, while also maintaining order precision levels that ensure complete accuracy.

Online Fulfillment

& Inventory Management

Just give us the go-ahead, and we’ll collect, assemble, and ship the materials you specify. Our integrated fulfillment and distribution center makes the whole process seamless. It all happens online, giving you 24/7 ordering and real-time inventory reports. We’ll then analyze your data and work with you to identify usage trends, establish reorder points, and, when cost-effective, move to on-demand printing.

When you choose to work with Canfield & Tack for your fulfillment service needs, you’ll benefit from:

  • Custom kittingBuild predetermined product kits, or our team can generate customized kits on a per-order basis according to your needs and your buyers’ needs.
  • Real-time inventory trackingOur business is proud to handle every tiny detail, but we don’t take control of your inventory away from you. All inventory can be tracked in real time, by both your business and buyers.
  • Flexible warehousing solutionsAs your business grows, evolves, and changes, your storage needs change, too. Our warehousing solutions are customized accordingly, growing and adjusting according to what you need from us.

Distribution Worldwide

Launching a new dealer promotion? Coordinating a national sales program? Our fully integrated fulfillment and distribution center custom assembles, packs, and ships materials where you want them to go. One location or many. Across town or across the country.

Streamline and simplify the whole process by having us build kits from your inventory, including printed pieces, POP displays, product samples, coupons, and more. Leave the details to us, and we’ll fulfill your company’s needs and exceed your expectations.

Secure Warehouse Storage

From the print materials used to the merchandise itself, every part of a good package is susceptible to a variety of threats. Our secure, temperature-controlled facilities are designed to minimize risk so that your products are safe.

Our on-site, flexible warehousing nullifies every concern—theft, mishandling, weather—so that you can rest easy knowing your orders are in the best hands.

Fulfillment Services in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY

From adding inventory to picking, packing, and shipping, Canfield & Tack is the fulfillment company you can trust. We offer 24-hour ordering, and our support team is available seven days a week. Regardless of your fulfillment needs, our company can connect with yours in order to provide a comprehensive solution that tackles one of the market’s largest complications with precision, elegance, and efficiency.

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