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How to Repurpose Online Content for Your Print Marketing Strategy

Print Marketing

There’s been a lot of talk about how digital and traditional marketing are at odds with one another, but in our opinion, that talk is completely missing the point of an effective marketing campaign.

If anything, print and digital working together only enhance the customer experience.

Better yet, your digital content can successfully be repurposed into your print marketing strategy with these tips.

Landing Pages ? Direct Mail

Landing pages have a single goal: to convert.

Their design, layout, and copy are all strategically crafted to compel a user to buy a product or give you their information.

Compelling copy is difficult to come by, but once you’ve tested multiple variations and found copy that converts, stick with it!

Now it’s time to slightly tweak that copy for a new platform: direct mail.

Like landing pages, direct mail’s purpose is to convince the user to take action. A few minor word changes (ex. submit on a landing page form would change to send on a direct mail postcard) can easily take your high-converting digital landing page and turn it into a high-converting mailer.

Customer Testimonials ? Brochures

The rise of the internet has brought about a new phenomenon; people are more willing than ever to share their thoughts and opinions with others. Not only are they willing to share, but platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp make it easy to do so. For organizations that have a quality product or service, those thoughts and opinions in the forms of reviews and testimonials are advertising goldmines.

Testimonials are powerful pieces of content for both B2B and B2C markets. 98% of B2B buyers say that reviews and testimonials are the most credible piece of content, and they are the second most trusted source of content among B2C buyers (with the first being a recommendation from friends or family) [source]. We also know that people spend more money on products or services when they trust the brand.

— Lucky for us, testimonials and reviews are easy to transition to our print marketing strategy.

Brochures, catalogs, point-of-sale displays, and sell sheets can all reap the benefits of a well-placed 5-star rating. It perfectly combines the benefit of the product or service with a trusted endorsement of why the consumer should choose to purchase it from you.

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Case Studies ? Trade Show Assets

Like reviews and testimonials, case studies also bolster the trustworthiness of your brand. But unlike reviews and testimonials, case studies allow you to dig deeper into the problem, the offering, and the solution. They also allow you to frame the situation a little more persuasively, instead of relying on someone else’s words.

Case studies are often fairly in-depth, a few pages long, and usually live on a “Case Studies” page on a website.

However, there’s a simple trick to make them more effective as a piece of physical marketing collateral, especially for trade shows and conferences.

Pare down your case study to a single page. Make sure your one page still encapsulates the problem the user faced and how your company helped to solve it. Strip down the graphics and use a few hard-hitting quotes from the case study.

This is a great tool for organizations who go to trade shows and want to show off real-life applications of their product in a fast-paced environment. After all, who has time to read more than one page at a trade show?

Social Media ? Billboards

Social media is a great, and often free, tool to test out different messages and creative to see what sticks best with your audience.

If you have a big physical collateral project in mind, like a billboard, test out some options on your social channels first and see what your audience thinks. If you’ve hit the nail on the head with what the board should look like, maybe you could invest in SNA Displays for digital billboards so you’re also able to diversify them in the future.

Nine times out of ten, they won’t hold back their opinion and you can get real feedback in a relatively short time from people who are actually interested in your product or service.

The Bottom Line

Content is content – no matter where it lives. Your customers will appreciate the consistent messaging, and your boss will appreciate the results.

You likely already have the online content, and now it’s time to produce the physical pieces. Canfield & Tack Press works with companies as both a printer and a strategist, ensuring that the pieces we print fall into the right hands at the right time. Contact us today for your printing needs.

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