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Higher Delivery and Response Rates on Direct Mail Thanks to New Technology

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Direct mail is a great tactic for reaching and influencing the right audience, but it only works if the postcard is mailed to the right address. Sometimes people move house, or even move abroad, meaning that their address is incorrect. This can cause problems, however, those people who have relocated seem to get around this by using services from companies like www.usglobalmail.com and others. This means that all of their post will still reach them, so no direct mail campaign will miss them.

To be sure though, anytime we initiate a direct mail campaign, we save our clients significantly on postage costs because we bring the majority of the Post Office sorting and mail preparation in-house. This service includes standardizing addresses through CASS (coding accuracy support system) and NCOA (national change of address) services. CASS and NCOA will update mailing lists based on information they’ve collected on people who have registered their change of address with the post office.

However, it is estimated 40% of people who have recently moved do not register their new address with the post office, so NCOA will not provide updates for many of those that have moved. This means you’re mailing will not reaching your entire intended audience, and you’re wasting print and postage costs by sending your campaign to the wrong address.

But Canfield & Tack’s at the forefront of technology.

We’re the first print shop in the area to add Address Resolution Services (ARS) and Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) services as standard features to our direct mail suite of services. These additional services result in more pieces being mailed to their intended recipients, which increases delivery rates, response rates, and postage savings.

ARS and PCOA systems will do an in-depth scan of available databases, such as cable and internet bills, to uncover a recent move that hasn’t been reported to the post office, so you can rest assured that you will see higher delivery rates and, in turn, higher ROI.

We recently ran a test to determine the impact the new services will have on our clients.

In this first example, 9,000 pieces were mailed. The traditional method of standardizing addresses found and corrected 261 incorrect addresses, or 2.9% of recipients.

Canfield & Tack’s new services found and corrected an 887 addresses, or 9.9% of the total list, meaning this direct mail postcard reach an additional 626 recipients at no extra cost. In fact, in this example, less money was spent on postage. Uplift in delivered pieces using the new processes was 239%. Which we think is significant.

Need more convincing? Here’s another example:

This second scenario is a 10,000 piece mailing that assumes a response was worth $75 to the customer at a 5.1% response rate, which is the DMA’s stat for a house list mailing.

The number of pieces delivered rose from 9,500 to 9,700, resulting in 10 more responses worth $765.00 total. We conservatively estimate that the uplift rate in this example would be about 40%.

Bottom-line, these new services are very valuable for our clients, so we made them part of Canfield & Tack’s standard process. These new services will be a part of our direct mail package and will take place without any additional effort.

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