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How to Effectively Design Your Direct Mail Postcard and Campaign

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So, you’re ready to start creating a direct mail postcard and campaign? We often hear from our clients that they have tried to execute a direct mail campaign in the past but it didn’t generate the results they were looking for. Direct mail is one of the most effective print marketing tactics, but unless you know how to harness its power, your campaign is likely to fall flat. Here are the tried and true best practices to make your direct mail postcard and your campaign achieve maximum results.

The Direct Mail Postcard

Clear and Bold Headline

You only have a few seconds to capture your prospect’s attention. Do that by using a clear and bold headline with one central message. The headline should allow the recipient to immediately know what they are about to read.

Subheadings That Lead To Text

People favor graphics over text and will often skip over long paragraphs of just the written word. Create enticing text by starting with subheadings that act as guideposts and gently ease your customer into reading important information.

Call To Action

Why are you sending a direct mail postcard? Tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do – and be clear about it. Guide them down the path to conversion.

Graphic That Supports The Message

Eye catching graphics are essential in visual communication, but it’s imperative that the graphic supports and adds to the message. A beautiful graphic may grab their attention, but it won’t convert. For example, if you are a realtor trying to get people to list their home, a home with a bold “sold” sign in front of it will reinforce your message much more clearly than just a graphic of a home.

The Direct Mail Campaign

A Solid List

Get your direct mail postcard in the right hands with a clean list. Direct mail should be targeted to your audience. Not only does an inaccurate list not deliver results, but it drives up cost for your organization by paying for unneeded marketing efforts. Take a close look at your customer database and determine who your best customers are. Outline what your ideal customer looks like and create your list around that persona. Your list may be smaller, but you will have satisfaction in knowing you are getting your message into the hands of warm prospects, lowering your up-front marketing spend and your overall cost per acquisition for customers that will be profitable.

Consistent Messaging

You need a clear message on your postcard, but also a clear message once your prospect follows the call to action. If you are advertising a specific product and ask them to visit your website, don’t send them to the homepage and make them search for the product. Create a landing page the mimics the look and style of the direct mail postcard to keep a consistent message across mediums. Likewise, if you are advertising a special and ask the customer to call your facility, anyone who answers the phone should be able to answer any questions or take orders from the offer.

Companion Marketing Pieces

Direct mail marketing works best when it is used in conjunction with other marketing mediums. Organizations see a boost in response rate in their campaigns when they are combined with another touchpoint. Try incorporating other traditional marketing methods, such as radio ads or billboards, digital marketing efforts, such as social media or email marketing using agencies such as Bright Valley Marketing as an example, or a combination of both to see optimal results.

Frequent Contact

Many companies who send out direct mail postcards stop after one attempt. Customers rarely purchase after a single touch point; sometimes, it can take as many as 20 touch points before a consumer decides to make the purchase, or even to just respond! It’s critical to continue to send warm prospects messages through multiple mediums until they respond – just be sure to change up the message.

Use An All-In-One Printing Company

Finally, reduce the cost of your campaign by choosing a printing company that can do it all. For you, this could be someone similar to g force printing company perth, australia or like Canfield & Tack – data solutions (including list cleaning), print, stuff envelopes, and handle postage. Contact us today to get started on your next campaign.

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