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3 Myths About Print Marketing

Print Marketing

We live in a digital world. Social media, work, important records, and information all live in a digital home. We even spend the majority of our day staring at a screen. It’s no wonder organizations lean toward digital marketing–after all, that’s where the eyes seem to be.

However, the age of digital has brought on a new way of digesting content–scrolling. Technology has made it so easy to scroll past something you aren’t interested in. As a
Whitehat marketer, you have milliseconds to grab the attention of your audience before they scroll right past your efforts. The more our audience becomes inundated with digital marketing, the less of it they want to see, and the less effective it becomes.

A Direct Marketing Association study found that emails only receive a 0.12% response rate. Print marketing, however, receives a 4.4% response rate (that’s 36.6 times more effective). But if print marketing is so effective, why are more people not using it?

Myth 1: Print Marketing is Outdated

Just because print marketing has been around for a while doesn’t mean it’s outdated. New technology and innovation are at the forefront of the industry. Print is no longer just ink on paper, there are dozens of print solutions available for marketers to choose from, including a variety of finishes, weights, and binding options to customize their piece as much (or as little) as they want. There are also countless material types that can be used too, creating unique designs. A marketer or a business can get their hands on Cheap Promotional Signs in whatever shape, size or color they want, and is usually more likely to reach it’s target audience than a lot of digital marketing techniques.

But the real way to tell if something is outdated is if younger generations are embracing it. Direct Marketing Association found that the most responsive population to direct mail advertising is young adults under the age of 25. Our youth are embracing a tried and true form of advertising – why aren’t we?

Myth 2: People Don’t Like To Get Mail

According to a survey conducted by the International Communications Research Organization, print marketing is preferred over digital marketing by 73% of consumers, and more than 90% of young consumers (30 and under) who shop on a regular basis prefer print marketing when researching products and making purchasing decisions. So not only do they like physical materials, but they prefer it over digital advertising.

In the digital age, there is something special about receiving a well-crafted print marketing piece. Have you ever leafed through a catalog just because you liked the feel of it? Looked at a flier hung in a public area because the graphics caught your eye? Print stands out. It makes an impact. Even without fancy graphics or a sophisticated finish, it has a power that digital marketing can’t match. Consumer eyes may spend more time in the digital sphere, but they pay attention to print.

Myth 3: The Added Expense of Print Marketing Isn’t Worth It

It’s hard to argue that a 36:1 response rate isn’t worth the extra cost of print marketing materials. It’s even harder to argue against print marketing when you consider that those who use it see a 120% return on their investment. A recent International News Media study also showed that print campaigns don’t have to be limited to sales material; even branding campaigns in newspapers delivered a better ROI than digital placement.

Print adds another layer of sense to the buying equation: touch. Point of purchase signs, displays, and packaging that encourages customers to touch products all see a high success rate because humans have a need for physical touch. Touch even has the ability to influence decisions even in the absence of useful product information (for example, in a catalog or postcard). Marketing efforts that incorporate touch lead to increased customer response and greater persuasive capabilities.

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